We’d love to hear from You, become our Dealer!

To become an official dealer for 123ctp/ctf systems, you will need to:

1. Commit to having an engineer trained on the product so that you can support the product to all end users and make (if not yet present) local language versions for www and marketing materials.
2. Commit to selling a certain number of systems per year (depending on the area covered by the dealer).
For these two things, the benefits are numerous:
1. An entry on our website as a dealer along with a link to your website and email address.
2. Authority to access our dealer LOGIN from where you can download yet to be released beta versions, and access technical bulletins.
3. Unlimited online remote support.
4. Use of our logos and our help with marketing materials, shows, marketing events etc. YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THE 123 family!!! So, all we have done to promote our products, is for your immediate and free use!!!
5. Before a dealer has a first demo machine locally, we are ready to make all necessary samples, test plates and share our demo room if necessary.
One of the beautiful things about 123systems is that we have direct access to all our engineers for hardware and software. We are always happy to receive your feedback.

We are waiting for your ideas on how to make our great product accessible to your customers.
Please contact us by mail: dealers@123labs.eu or phone (+48 795982 123) and we will respond very quickly.