Options & Consumables

Even though our READY-STRAIGHT-FROM-THE-BOX design lets you start immediately when your box arrives, we still have a few options to increase your productivity and enhance your work methods.
In this section you can also find short descriptions of our approved consumables which are available through our dealers websites. Our approved consumables will allow you to work problem-free every day.

  • Imposition option for 123ripIE software. To make automatic impositions for publication.
  • Flexography set option for 123ripIE software. Includes a lot of useful tools and features for flexographic film matrices
  • CIP3/CIP4/Ink set option for 123ripIE software. For making adjustable files for ink carriers in offset machines.
  • Trapping option for 123ripIE software. To make “intelligent” trapping spreads
  • STOCHASTIC SCREEN option for 123ripIE software. Second-generation Stochastic screening (frequency screening)

  • UV led BOX – option suggested for convenient exposure of PS plates. This option is a factory fitted hardware and can only be ordered before purchase of machine unit. This option is available with some technical restrictions (please ask your dealer for details)
  • Calibrator 123microCAL – a measuring and calibration tool. A set containing hardware and software to control the quality and structure of calibration curves for plates and film
  • X-rite I1basic – optional hardware for colour management, DotGain, and print quality control.
  • Vertical processors in two sizes up to B2+ and up to B1+. Vertical design washout and processor for 123platePRO
  • Horizontal baking oven up to size B2+ to bake non-process 123plateDRY & 123platePOLY.

  • 123platePRO aluminum plate process offset PS plate – needs to be exposed and processed like conventional offset PS plates.
  • 123plateDRY aluminium plate non-process dry offset plate – needs oven to be baked instead of processing.
  • 123platePOLY polyester plate non-process dry offset plate – needs oven to be baked instead of processing or can go directly to press for a small number of copies
  • 123FILM rolls of widths up to 432mm, 610mm, 1180mm.  Non-process high quality film for InkJet matrices to use in silkscreen, flexography, padprinting
  • Premium Proof (Fogra approved) 245g/m2 paper rolls of widths up to 432mm, 610mm, 1180mm Paper for photographic printouts and digital proofs and photography
  • Other media for printing: Canvas, self-adhesive foil, banners, etc