The whole system is a unique combination of modern features in prepress technology. Each component is designed to fit within a restrictive budget while, at the same time, strengthening and adding value to the whole set.
Every detail of the hardware, from the housing up to the sophisticated pin registration system with precision optical sensors, has been extensively tested prior to its commercial phase. Each element of the software and its features built specifically for AM InkJet technology screening is the result of hundreds of hours of our programmers’ and system designers’ work.
The following three tabs will reveal only a part of our unique technology

Solid materials used for the electromechanical registration system allow smooth operation every day. The registration system has been designed on the basis of industrial-grade components with a precision which will ensure the highest repeatability of movement. Lateral registration is performed by an optical sensor. The basket was been designed from scratch, allowing for the comfortable reception of imaged plates and long unattended digital production from roll materials.
Converting the machine to supply roll materials takes the operator just a few movements, and the capacity of the basket allows you to securely print multiple sheets or many meters of output without operator intervention.

Designed specifically for use in offset prepress, Raster Image Processor (RIP) allows you to start work without long-term training right from the start. As we planned from the beginning, the 123ctp system has to be as “user friendly” as possible. We decided to fully configure the system for you, even before the set reaches your premises. After you place your order, our dealer will ask you to fill out a short form in which you can specify plate formats and your initial preferences for print settings. In this way, immediately after unpacking, the system can start with presets – your presets – the first day.
In familiarizing themselves with the 123ctp system, users will subsequently discover many features intuitively, without being overwhelmed at the beginning of the road.
The software has a client/server architecture with the ability to open multiple remote operation panels simultaneously (one person can make plates, another perform impositions, and the third man may proof, for example).
Included in the box, is a special CTP InkJet edition of 123RIP, the most advance system on the RIP market, whose Workflow edition is being successfully used to run large prepress studios in the largest printing houses.

The 123ctp system is probably the first such universal CTP system based on InkJet technology. Thanks to close cooperation, our engineers and university team of chemists, achieved success CTP project in which you can use a conventional PS/UV plate as a consumable. With this solution, the end user doesn’t have to worry about the delivery of supplies from ONLY ONE SOURCE!
Of course, we encourage the use all 123Labs approved materials. Because of differences in photosensitive emulsions applied by different manufacturers, it is necessary to build special reproduction profile files. By using materials approved by 123Labs, you are sure that you will always get the best available reproduction profiles.
However, no one can force you now to use only one kind of plates!
Work on conventional uncoated plates significantly reduces offset matrices’ production costs.
But that’s not all! Because you can also use our system for procesless InkJet plates from other manufacturers, a few other aluminum and polyester processless plates compatible with Epson inks are ready for you.
The universality of the system is extended by the possibility of using films and other media for digital POS printing. For the investor it is another strong argument to buy a complete system for prepress: the 123ctp prepress.