So far, many InkJet prepress systems have appeared on the market. Over the years, some have disappeared while others have been improved. Our system is the result of harvesting all of this experience in the InkJet prepress industry over the years. Because of this, our product is a comprehensive response to the clients’ expectations in the small and medium-sized printer segment.
We have squeezed the costs to make the product available to very small companies, while leaving the functionality that is often reserved only for “expensive, high-end systems”.
We have focused on versatility, so you do not have to multiply your equipment and investment in your company. We have designed a system capable of working with widely available PS/UV plates. Therefore, you always have a choice and we are motivated to serve you. We would like to see you as an end-user of our approved consumables, even if you have a choice of many other suppliers.

The payback period varies depending on many factors. For some of you it will be a simple difference between the cost of plates in prepress service office and cost of your own plate production. Others will add the cost of transportation and time lost waiting to receive plates from the service provider. Some of us would take into account the immeasurable value of potentially lost customers who might switch to a faster service or disappear because they receive an offer from a competing service.
Calculated in a simplified way (forgetting all the extra costs of outsourced exposures and not taking into account the potential loss of customers), the 123ctp system can pay its monthly lease by producing only… 58 B2 plates per month.

Many of you are probably wondering, “What the quality I can get?”
In our opinion, the best way is to try it in your printing house. You need just order a set of CMYK plates from your local dealer. We have nothing to hide.
Some time ago, the print quality color obtainable on inkjet printers reached the level of photography.
The problem which remained to be solved was only the quality of AM screening, the most appropriate way of rasterizing for offset/litho technology, instead of the frequency modulated raster (FM) used in inkjet printing. In offset printing the best reproduction is received with classic and regular raster dots; such as can be perfectly rendered by our 123RIP.
In the pictures you can see 250x digital microscopic zoom of imaged plates. Please compare both shots. Differences can always be found, but are they are worthy of serious attention in the reality of our printing house for standard orders? You should personally check it out, please try a few plates made ​​with our technology for yourself in your environment. Do not let untested opinions circulated by fearful competitors be the only basis for your decision.
We are confident about the tests. After tests, 9 out of 10 customers made the final decision to buy. In our opinion that is the best recommendation.
In order to make it easy to start “friendly” relations with the new system, our special software is equipped with a user interface which gives the user a choice of 10 languages. But that is not all. You can work under a single license on several remote computers at once. For example, you can do:

-plates at the first location by user number 1

-the 2nd user may do “softproofing” and send the electronic version of the proof to a final customer

-a 3rd can use an optional imposition module to prepare ready jobs for next order

IMPORTANT! if there is a need in your market to build a local language version, please just send us an inquiry. We will try to prepare the new version with a local dealer and an update will be provided for free, immediately after its release.