Simplicity of usage

With your new system you can start production of your own plates, films or photo-output immediately after unpacking. This is possible thanks to the design principe we call “READY-STRAIGHT-FROM-THE-BOX.”
When you order, your dealer will ask you to fill out a short order form. There, you specify what plate formats you have, what distance from the edge to image you use and what lpi you prefer. Thanks to this, the machine you receive not only has the right plate size box, but when you turn on your computer you will see your settings!
Yes, we treat each customer truly individually and, prior to shipment, each system receives the exact settings requested by the customer when ordering.
You do not need to have years of experience in prepress and printing. The 123ctp system can be as simple to use as a desktop printer, and also has a set of tools and features which have only been available in advanced systems.
The following three tabs describe the work facility starting from day one

The supplied kit contains all the necessary components to begin production. All you have to do is unpack the package, connect three modules of the machine and plug in a power supply to the central system. Pre-configured components will connect and you can start working! The computer server comes with a tutorial showing how to do the first plate, also all starting consumables, a box of plates in your selected format, and samples of processless film and photographic paper. The machine waits until you start to use it!

Dedicated software – 123RIP is individually configured in each system delivered, taking into account the settings expected according to the order form. In time, you’ll realize how easy it is to build your own “hot folders” with their special settings, but on the first day it will be even easier for you to simply drag a PDF file to the proper folder on the desktop, the rest will be “done automatically”

Behind our support systems you can find real people not only dead help tabs. Our technicians and dealer network have been trained to solve simple and very demanding tasks (which can occur with subsequent work). Help is delivered to you as soon as possible. Each system has a special “software assistant” installed with which, using text messaging, you can ask for advice or allow a remote connection to your computer over a channel monitored by technicians assigned your area. This is the fastest and the most efficient way to save your time!
With each remote session you can build up your own experience and after a while there will be no task too difficult for you.