3in1 box

The system provided is complete. All the elements will come to you in two wooden crates. Your kilograms of new opportunities have to travel safely and at the same time can’t be an obstacle to an impatient user. This was our precise design goal for new transport crates and all the elements: safe handling and comfort from the moment of unpacking…
The three tabs below describe three design goals for the box:

Our designers took care when considering your first encounter with the packaging. It has to be a pleasant and hassle-free experience.
The 123ctp.pl system is delivered in a safe, reliable crate, which is also prepared for any unexpected rain during unloading. After removing the outer foil, removing the corners and the crate cover – you can take a look at your very own versatile prepress system. One, two, three and you’re done! Inside the shipping crate you will find all necessary elements to perform your first 123plates, film matrices, and even color prints.

Another reason for the “working box” is to provide a functional darkroom. Our 123platePRO is a low sensitivity material (just like any other conventional plate). This means that you can manipulate them in daylight, but after a while the photosensitive layer will collect uncontrolled light and become useless. Without having the darkroom area for material of this kind, the operator would have to stay in a dimly lit room all the time. However, our designers recognize that most of us prefer to stay in bright, pleasant rooms. Therefore, you have this new “off-line darkroom”; you do not have to work in the dark with us!

The third function of the “working box” is dust protection (with built-in over-pressure system) and to create a “controlled environment” essential for the operation of the machine with the proper operating temperature and a humidity lowering function. A digital controller takes care of the operating parameters and alerts regarding all deviations. The controller also switches the ceramic HotCube system on and off automatically when working on film or paper.