We believe this is the most effective solution for plates on Earth today, but we do not want to force you to accept our calculation. You should do it yourself. Below you can find basic information to make your own calculations.
Suggested prices of materials for the end user:
– 123platePRO aluminum plate 5.95€/m2
– 123plateINK 350ml = 0.56 €/ml
– The average work in CMYK raster in B2 format used approximately 2 ml of ink (depending on the job, of course). So whole cost of materials per one plate in size of 65x55cm is roughly 2,49€
Our customers reported that on good quality Chineese plate it might be half of that price !!!

The cost of a plate produced by an outside prepress services, you yourself know perfectly well.
The system is available through our dealers with convenient financing, sometimes with zero initial payment and very low monthly installments (you can ask your local dealer for a quote).
According to the calculations of our customers in Europe, it is enough if you are doing ONLY about 58 pieces from B2 plates to make your initial monthly profits!!!